Storm Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Distillers choose whether to dry their freshly cut, damp malt over heated peat fires. This is how smoke gets into the barley and is a special characteristic of malt. In the Scotch Whisky industry the traditional heating of Single Malt pot stills has been peat. Peat smoke contains Phenols and this has a dominant effect on the absorbing malted barley and its final characteristic.

……..careful as ye go !

Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2013
Storm (94)

N:A clarion call of clean grain and decimated coconut; T: superb delivery: the structure is a joy with a lush mouth-feel but the complexity no means stilted. The odd salty note appears to maximise the oaky depth and that light oiliness ensures the barley sweetness lasts; superb light spicing begins to intensify towards the middle; F: fabulous finale with that spice hanging on in there and acting as the perfect foil for the deft honeycomb and sugars; so clean you feel your teeth are being polished while drinking this; B: a little gem of a blend that really will take you by storm.

750ml x 43%alc.vol

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