Jewels of Scotland

Aged and Rare Single Malt Whisky

Lombard’s range of Single Malts is named ‘The Jewels of Scotland’ - an apt name given the heritage possessed by the whiskies offered under this name. These range from 46%al.vol (92 US proof) to cask strength - however, the benchmark bottling strength is 50%alc.vol (100% US Proof). These whiskies are never tampered with, ie, not chill filtered, not caramelised and not artificially coloured. At the bottom of each face label there is a colour coding for the distillation area. This gives a greater understanding of what to expect from the accompanying whisky – especially when the bottled whisky has a Distillery name or heritage that is unknown to the consumer. Every face label provides tasting notes and gives advice on what to look for when sampling.

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